BUMAYA is a project that is coordinated between MAYA Music Festival and Bangkok University by finding Bangkok University students to learn and work with MAYA team. The project start with recruiting Bangkok University’s students via our official line account @mayamusicfestival then the most talented 100 students will be selected to join BUMAYA project.

1. Visited MAYA Music Festival 2016
We brought all BUMAYA students to visit and experience MAYA Music Festival on 20 February, 2016 . The objective was to observe all operations, logistic, and production from the actual event.

2. MAYA Music Festival Course by Feel Corporation team
In semester 1: August – December 2016 (14 Weeks), all BUMAYA students will join MAYA Music Festival Course to learn how to market an event and how to organize a music festival.

  • Week 01 Event Marketing
  • Week 02 Event Design I: Brand Entertainment
  • Week 03 Event Design II: Case Study – MAYA Music Festival
  • Week 04 Event Planning
  • Week 05 Event Management I: Budget Allocation / Production Management
  • Week 06 Event Management II: Artist Management / Supplier Management / Event Coordination
  • Week 07 Communication Arts & Design
  • Week 08 Media & Communication Plan
  • Week 09 Event Production I: Construction
  • Week 10 Event Production I: Visual Systems
  • Week 11 Event Production I: Light & Sound Systems
  • Week 12 On Site Management
  • Week 13 Stage Management
  • Week 14 Evaluating

3. Internship for MAYA Music Festival 2017
All BUMAYA students will be divided into each department in Maya team including PR, Advertising & Marketing, Film, Art & Design, Coordination & Management, Hospitality, and Production.